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Experience at Tenuta di Ghizzano


Take a walk through the olive trees to discover the different types of cultivars and growing systems.
Here, you will learn how to distinguish and choose a high-quality olive oil.
We will show you the differences in fragrance and taste of high-quality oils coming from different Italian areas.


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The interactive exhibition inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses is composed by eight wood and terracotta sculptures. You can admire it while walking through the wonderful Italian-style Garden of the noble family Venerosi Pesciolini,

Artists who worked on the project:
The roman artist and sculptor Immacolata Datti.

The musician David Barittoni who created the garden soundtrack inspired by the Metamorphoses.

The theatre actress Antonella Civale who is the Metamorphoses' voice.

Take a mystic trip through the secret labyrinths of the garden, accompanied by the sounds of the transformations lamented by these mythological creatures


Walking at dusk through vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, you will reach a clearing where you may see roe deers from the wood eating the field grass.
Binoculars are provided.


Discover the genuineness of local products through the small local producers' tradition.


Visit Guido’s kingdom where his “Cinta Senese” porks live free in the grasslands. His cured meat melts in your mouth, and the roasted ham is a must-try!


Taste fresh and matured goat, sheep and cow cheese, produced by the biodynamic dairy farm. Come to meet the animals and learn how the milk becomes ricotta, mozzarella and scamorza!


Stefano knows every bee he has. Listening to his stories is amazing, he will make you part of the bee’s social life.
The different kinds of honey have a really special taste: the sweet taste of love.
Come, visit and taste!


Come and see the entire processing grain chain to the production of pasta.
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Events in Ghizzano Sound Garden

The ‘30s historical garden used to be an apple orchard in the end of ‘800. While it detains the typical topiary art and symmetries of the period, the Garden distinguishes itself for its unusual majestic trees and for its wonderful arched cypress’ telescope, that leads your look to the ‘800 terracotta sculpture of Pomona. The path through the holly oak’s gallery is very suggestive. The Sound Garden opens only in summer.

The Garden is open to public every Sunday from the last Sunday in May to the first one of September, from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm. It opens on appointment during the other days of the year. Free entry.

Every year the Garden hosts “La Verde Armonia” Festival.

If you wish to be informed about the activities and events of the Garden,
write to or
send a text message to +39 346 2108857


Contact us either you are interested in one of the following classes, or you are willing to organize a course.


Cultural Recreation


The Goal of these activities is letting the kids experience their games in an open and protect space. The aim is to give life again to the physics aspects of playing, hardly experimented in nowadays. Hence, the activities promote the contact with nature within a game dimension, the discovery of the body and the space that the body occupies into the space as well as the freedom of movement arising from the experience.

Another important purpose is to propose a significant experience that is able to bring back the children to the nature and their nature, as to educate them to the knowledge of the body and the nutrition; These activities are always considered within the wider context of the knowledge of the area and, as a consequence, of the knowledge of the continuity between the territory and their products. The main idea is to explain how production can be obtained through modern tools, without altering the environmental context and the final product, that goes on their table and inside their stomach. Every activity is thought and carried with the maximum respect for the environment, supporting or restoring, where needed, the natural ongoing of the events. This is because we want to teach seeing the nature as a friend rather than an enemy to destroy. We educate the children to the environmental respect teaching how it is the foundation of self-respect.


  • Turtles lab

  • The life of the woods: Animal watching

  • Outside sound lab: the voice of the trees

  • The Italian style garden at the beginning of ‘700

  • Wild Herb recognition: cooking and officinal proprieties

  • Italian olive oil culture: the evolution and mechanization of the product chain

  • Italian wine culture: the evolution and mechanization of the product chain


HALF DAY : 9.30/12.30
WHOLE DAY: 9.30 /12.30 14.00/17.00 packed lunch

Activities programs vary according to the age and the number of children registered